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Basal Thermometer

Basal Thermometer

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  • CONFIDENTLY TRACK your Basal Body Temperature BBT with the clinical accuracy to 1/100th of a degree. EASILY track your daily BBT with confidence at the same time and same place daily to help you anticipate your ovulation and when you are most likely to be fertile.
  • ACCURATE FERTILITY or Ovulation Tracking using Generation Guard's Clinical Basal Thermometer GM-300B. This Bbt Thermometer is designed to easily and quickly monitor fertility for natural family planning process. It’s high level of sensitivity assures the high accuracy of readings. Excellent device for pregnancy planning.
  • PAIR your THERMOMETER to a BBT tracking chart which will assist you in tracking your Basal Body Temperature. ENJOY THE PEACE OF MIND that FDA and European CE approval brings to know that you are using a truly medically calibrated, tested and approved device while tracking your body’s temperature.
  • OBTAIN YOUR READING as indicated by the soft sound of the beeps to indicate that the test is complete so you can record the Basal and Fertility Temperature using an Ovulation Chart, fertility tracking app, pregnancy planner or simply manually track it. Device takes 60-120 seconds depending on warming of tip and of our body’s resting BBT.
  • EASY TO READ LCD display to gives you your reading in Fahrenheit (F) to 1/100th of a degree. Due to the high sensitivity of the reading, we recommend a daily morning routine in tracking temp. Once your routine is laid out enjoy the high level of accuracy in your readings. Avoid meals/drinks or physical activity if taking a temperature first thing every morning.

The next step in ovulation tracking. Enjoy 1/100th of a degree accuracy and wake up every morning with your temperature companion. Track your daily Basal Body Temperature and learn about your body's signals so you take advantage of your menstrual cycle.

Generation Guard’s Clinical Basal Thermometer GM-300B is one of the best and most sensitive thermometers in the market. Thus, a highly accurate temperature reading is assured. Save time and effort when using Generation Guard’s Clinical Basal Thermometer GM-300B because you can guarantee that the very first test result is definitely correct. Fertility thermometers have never been this efficient and user-friendly.

This BBT Thermometer has an alarm set-up which gives you the luxury to take the temperature at the comforts of your bed even with your eyes closed because of its soft beep which alerts you to a reading It helps you plan your pregnancy through natural family planning. Isn’t that amazingly perfect?

Clinical Basal Thermometer GM-300B by Generation Guard signals the completion of the test through its ear-friendly beeps. You can tell that your basal body temperature reading is ready once you hear the sound.

BBT charting should be done in order to get an accurate monitoring of your ovulation cycle. This process is quite helpful in predicting when are your most fertile days in a month.

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