Who are we?

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So what is Generation Guard all about?


Lets face it, today's big companies and brands especially in the health care products area have become very much out of touch with the real people that actually are responsible for their business, their customers! We are here to serve you first and foremost. We see it valuable to do so by providing you with products that give you comfort and peace of mind you have the right tools to look after your family and yourself. The journey doesn't end after a product is purchased but we see it as the start of partnership of health that we have begun with you.


We started off with a Digital Thermometer (MT-4320) designing it and having it manufactured ourselves given how fed up we were with the market. We chose this thermometer ourselves as following the addition of a new born son into our family we looked all over the web for a good thermometer that was fast, accurate, flexible, waterproof, shock proof.


We couldn't find one that ticked all our boxes and the thermometers out there were sub-par, a popular branded unit we bought failed immediately. It was clunky to use, was slow, inaccurate and we encountered poor customer support so we sourced and had my own manufactured to our specifications.


We looked for and developed ourselves, what we thought we would ideally love in a thermometer. This thermometer and all products that have come after it are a labor of love for us and we are happy to share this with everyone! If you have any issues or questions of us, please chat with us on our website, email us at customers@generationguard.com or call us at: 281-899-0284.


Additionally for the adventurous, we are always running campaigns for new and improved versions of our products and we give them out and huge discounts for customer feedback as well as running competitions with big cash prizes for the most unique photo and video feedback.


Any bloggers or audience leaders are also welcome to reach out to us and share our amazing products and offers with their followers. 


Thank you for trusting us with your well being! We're so happy you found us! Go ahead and give us a try, you will be glad you did.


The Generation Guard Team