Clinical Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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Blood pressure measured at a physician’s office is often higher than that measured at home due to anxiety and stress, causing what is called the “white coat hypertension”. Measuring blood pressure at home gives you more accurate readings as it reduces outside influences. With Generation Guard’s Clinical Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, blood pressure monitoring at home with reliable and accurate results is made simply effortless.

Our digital wrist blood pressure monitor cuff boasts the following features and benefits:
  • Clinical diagnosis accuracy in just 30 seconds
  • Reliable measurement of both blood pressure and heart rate in mmHg and kPa
  • Dependable irregular heartbeat indicator feature
  • 100% safe, CE approved and FDA Registered Class 2 Medical Device
  • Comfortable and adjustable cuff (5.3 - 7.6-inch wrist size)
  • Convenient and portable design with a free sturdy protective case 
  • Automatic and easy to use with a large and clear screen display
  • Memory call feature which stores up to 90 readings
  • Power saving 30-second auto shut-off
  • Free 2 AAA batteries with each purchase
On top of these, get peace of mind with our 30-day money-back guarantee—no questions asked—and enjoy after-sales support from our world-class customer service! Order yours today!

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